Since its origin GRUPO MK has been heavily directed towards the supply of adequate solutions for different demands in industrial market. Originally focused on the supply of chemicals for tanneries, in almost four decades, GRUPO MK expanded its activities, and now it is a conglomerate of companies acting in different sectors of industrial market. Learn more about our history. Read more.


MK QUÍMICA is a specialist in the development, production and marketing of chemicals for the different sectors of the industrial market. With three productive units, in Portão (RS), Juazeiro (BA) and Três Lagoas (MS), it is possible to assure a timely service to the industries located in any Brazilian region.

These units carry out different synthesis in liquid reaction, polymerization, extraction and mixing plants that give room to the development of products used in many industrial sectors. This structure is able to produce more than 4 tons of product a month.


SOLUS supplies bonded-leather composites for shoes, accessories, furniture and decoration industries. SOLUS products are indicated for the manufacturing of a wide range of articles with different resistance and finishing characteristics.

SOLUS productive unit is headquartered in Portão (RS) and has facilities for plate and continuous material production, including the finishing section. In addition to the production structure, the unit presents Research & Development and Quality Control laboratories.


MK CARGO is a specialist in the transportation of chemicals. The modern fleet is prepared for transporting dry and liquid cargo, giving room to a great variety while meeting the demands of companies from many industrial sectors.

Strict quality criteria are present in every activity at MK CARGO and can be seen in the services provided to customers and assured by the certifications ISO 9001 and SASSMAQ. MK CARGO’s operational bases are located in Portão (RS), Três Lagoas (MS) and Juazeiro (BA), being able to store hazardous and controlled products.


QMK3, the newest company of the GRUPO MK, is dedicated to the supply of performance and specialty chemical inputs for various industrial segments. Its purpose is to develop pioneering solutions to meet the specific needs of each industry with quality products, adequate logistics and a committed service to its customers.

QMK3 shares the entire production, logistics and management structure of GRUPO MK. In addition, it has a Sales Office in São Paulo (Capital).

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